Moon Modular M569
Quad Sequential Voltage Source

I purchased a Moon Modular M569 sequencer which is my first Moog/Dotcom format module.  I built new wood side cabinets which has one row for Dotcom format modules.




I use a MOTM-990 power distribution board and built a MOTM-to-Dotcom power cable.



I replaced the 16ESB T5 slide base lamp with a 28ESB (Mouser 606-CM28ESB) to decrease the brightness and covered it with a red plastic cover - much less obnoxious!



Finishing Touches

I had 4 MU of panel space left in my cabinet so I made a blank panel from a piece of the rear panel.  It looked bare so I made a decal of the Moon Modular logo.  I finished the panel with two coats of polyurethane over the decal.





This is my first M569 sequence in 4x8 mode.  Channels 1-3 drive the Living VCO and channel 4 drives the 566 VCO modulated by noise through a resonant low pass gate which is modulated by a sequencer gate.