Buchla Module Builds

I do not own many Buchla format modules but I do build and repair them for others.  I did build the Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty and the Pulser, Cross Fader, and Timbre generator functions in 5U format modules for my system with modifications for MOTM-signal levels.  I also have my own 208 Music Easel.

The following links are pages for Buchla format modules with my photos, build tips, and calibration procedure since the documentation can be rather sparse.

25S Analogue Waveform Generator   New


208 V1 Stored Program Sound Source

208 V2 Stored Program Sound Source

208 V2.1 black version Stored Program Sound Source


208 Stored Program Sound Source 1973/74 Early Version

Music Easel Manual 1974   

A scan of the manual

Music Easel Manual 1974   

A better color scan of the manual contributed by Luther R.


211 Power Supply  New


212 Dodeca Module

216 Touch Controlled Voltage Source


218 V1 and V2 Touch Activated Voltage Source  New


221 Kinesthetic Input Port


227 System Interface V1 &V2


245 Sequential Voltage Source

248 'MARF' Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator


256 Dual Control Voltage Processor

257 Control Voltage Processor

258 Dual Oscillator V2 & V3  New

259 Complex Wave Generator

265 Source Of Uncertainty  New


266 Source Of Uncertainty

277 Signal Delay Unit

281 Quad Function Generator

285 Frequency Shifter V2 New


285 Frequency Shifter 1977 Early Version


291 Voltage Controlled Filter

292C Quad Low Pass Gate

294 Four Channel Comb Filter

296 Programmable Spectral Processor


259C Dual VCO


Syntron Syrinx Filter Set Model 323


RSF Kobol Expander Dual VCO

402 Quad Dual LFO

Custom 24 dB VCF and Clock  New