Four Channel Module Project

I decided to build a four channel version of the ComputerVoltageSource to replace my PSIM.  I wanted the larger 2x16 display and I could fit a four channel version in the same 3U space.  I didn't include the SpeakJet as I didn't really use it that much.  Having the calibrated inputs with level shift and non-volatile data storage are nice additional features.

I kept a similar look and feel to the front panel with the same vertical spacing with the exception of the top row of LEDs and the MIDI connectors.


DJB-4 Channel CVS design documentation  includes specifications, schematics, parts list, PCB layout and image. This design information is a subset of my CVS design documentation.

DJB-4 Channel CVS FrontPanelExpress design file is a 3U x 5U MOTM-style panel using HPGL graphics to minimize cost.


Here is the depopulated board with parts for only 4 analog inputs and outputs installed.  I still used an AtomPro28 to have the non-volatile memory.


There still are a lot of wires to the front panel, even on a four channel version!  I made the aluminum bracket which mounts behind the rightmost controls and MIDI jack.


Here are my two ComputerVoltageSource modules along with my Level Shifter module which is used to generate +/- 5 volt outputs.



DJB-4 Channel CVS Programs

All of my operational and verification/calibration programs have been moved to my Programs page.

I have also documented a number of hardware and software details for the AtomPro24 and AtomPro28 in my AtomPro FAQ  updated