Items For Sale

Here is a listing of various items I have for sale.  Contact me if interested.  My email is on my home page.


JVC XC-M70 and XC-M75 CD Magazine For Sale

I have retired my JVC CD player and have a large number of of JVC XC-M70 and XC-75M six CD magazines. These are great for home or auto changers and protect your CDs from handling wear. These magazines are compatible with Kenwood CDM-800, and Toshiba RS-9057. The magazines are clean but do have scuffs associated with normal use and do include the sleeve.  I have just a few Kenwood and Toshiba and the rest are XC-M70 and XC-M75.  The only difference I can see between these four magazines is the size of the notch on the side.  My JVC player worked will all four magazines.

Contact me if interested and specify if you want JVC XC-M70, XC-75M, or the Kenwood/Toshiba equivalent CD magazines.  $6.00 each + shipping or make me an offer for the box.  I have a total of 15 magazines ( 9 XC-M70 w/ case, 9 XC-M75 w/ case, 1 XC-M75 w/o case, 1 CDM-800 w/o case, 3 RS-9057 w/ case, 1 RS-9057 w/o case).



A-440 Square Wave Oscillator IC For Sale

I sell a programmed AVR processor that generates a 440.0 Hz square wave.  See my A-440 Reference Oscillator page for details.  Contact me if interested.