PAiA 4712 Reverb Module

This module was advertised as "concert hall" acoustics with maximum flexibility.  It consists of two units, the control head electronics and the reverb spring assembly.  This kit was $25.95 in the 1976 catalog.


PAiA 4712 Reverb Module User Manual

PAiA 4712 Reverb Module Schematic


The reverb tank is an Accutronics 1FB2B1D.


The Accutronics model 1FB2B1D specifies:

Digit Specification
1 Type 1  case 9.25" x 3.375" x 1.313"
F Input impedance 1475 ohms
B Output impedance 2250 ohms
2 Medium delay 1.75 - 3.0 seconds
B Input grounded, output floating
1 No lock
D Vertical mounting with connectors down


The original module had RCA cables soldered to the PCB but I changed them to PCB mounted female RCA connectors so a longer cables could be used for mounting the reverb tank.  One of the RCA jacks crowds C3 but I used a bipolar capacitor for C4 so omitted C3 anyways.