PAiA 4750 Control Oscillator-Noise
Source Module

The PAiA 4750 module appears to be identical to the 2720-5 module as the manual had 4750 nomenclature while the PCBs 2720-5 nomenclature.  The schematics are identical between the two manuals.  The module consists of a sine wave oscillator and noise source.  The sine wave output is unipolar while the noise output is bipolar.  The 2720-5 kit was $20.95 in the 1976 catalog.  There is no 4750 kit listed.  The 4750 is listed in the 1980 catalog for a price of $21.95 for the kit or assembled for $30.00.


PAiA 4750 Control Oscillator-Noise Source User Manual


The module originally used a 500K potentiometer with a 470K resistor to make it more of a log contour.  I simply replaced it with a 500K log taper.