My Photo Album
"Some old and some new"

These are some photos that I took of various pieces of my gear.  Click on any image to view it in a larger popup.

DJB-modules_cables.jpg (364893 bytes)

Meeting at the Multiple


DJB-modules_reel.jpg (331474 bytes)

Obscured by Reel


DJB-top_cabinet.jpg (399230 bytes)

Jacks or Better


DBJ-knobs.jpg (305728 bytes)



DJB-modules_cables2.jpg (457594 bytes)

Side by Side


DJB-Synth.jpg (1136077 bytes)

Studio Synth


DJB-Circle_Machine.jpg (578205 bytes)

Around We Go


DJB-Otari_VU.jpg (124391 bytes)

Real Analog


00.jpg (53429 bytes)

Evolution Animation



DJB-Marantz.jpg (152454 bytes)


Vintage Blue Quad


DJB-Hammond_drawbars.jpg (171686 bytes)

Drawbars and Keys


DJB-Hammond_B3.jpg (253206 bytes)

The Classic


DJB-Hammond-B3_ Leslie-142.jpg (249902 bytes)

Two of a Perfect Pair


DJB-PR-20_glow.jpg (95690 bytes)

Warm Glow


DJB-M3_tonewheels.jpg (1211989 bytes)

Wheels and Whiskers


DJB-Hammond-B-3_inside.jpg (242743 bytes)

The Magic Inside