Blacet Research
MiniWave Module

I constructed my MiniWave with a Stooge front panel setup for a Hylander ROM expander board and a Tellun JLH2090CV board.

I have these ROMS installed:
    ROM-0:  Miniwave
    ROM-1:  Socket Rocket
    ROM-2:  GR-PPG/P-V5 by Grant Richter
    ROM-3:  GR-New.256 by Grant Richter
    ROM-4:  Morphine by Mathew Davidson
    ROM 5: Serge Creature "Pocket Monster" by
    ROM 6: Schumann PLL by
    ROM 7: Commodore 64/NES "ROM1" by
    ROM 8: Ensoniq SQ80 Wave1 by Patrick Joericke
    ROM 9: Ensoniq SQ80 Wave4 by Patrick Joericke


I brazed together several pieces of aluminum to build the chassis to mount these three boards to the front panel.


As I added more ROMs I had trouble with reliable operation which was due to the chip enable of ROM-0 not meeting the Vih specification of 2 volts.  R18 pulls up this chip enable to VLED which was less than 2 volts with the forward voltage drop of the LEDs I used.  I corrected this by connecting R18 to +5 volts instead.


Here is my MiniWave waiting for 5 more ROMs.