Module Design and Modification Information

My designs are indicated with a superscript¹

Designs with modifications are indicated with a superscript²

DJB Custom Modules

DJB-001 CV Keyboard Interface module¹

DJB-002 Mixer, Spring Reverb, & A-440 Standard module¹

DJB-003 Multiples¹

DJB-004 Mixer, Comparator, & Full Wave Rectifier module

DJB-005 Dual LED Voltage Monitor module¹

DJB-006 Power, Headphone, & Cable Test module¹

DJB-008 Dual Trigger Delays module¹

DJB-009 Analogic module¹

DJB-010 Attenuators module¹

DJB-011 Ribbon Interface module¹

DJB-012 Tape Interface module¹

DJB-013 Dual Quantizer and Lag module¹ (replaced by Barton Dual Quantizer)

DJB-014 VCA and Power Amplifier Interface module²

DJB-015 SoundCanvas module²

DJB-016 Level Shifter module¹

DJB-017 PAiA MIDI2CV module²

DJB-018 Joystick module¹

DJB-019 LCD Oscilloscope module²

DJB-020 Tap Tempo LFO (PedalSync MV-55)²

DJB-021 Pan-Crossfade (J3RK PCB)²

M569 Companion¹

4U 200 series format VCF and Clock²

4U 200 series format Oakley midiDAC²


DJB Programmable Modules


Four Channel ComputerVoltageSource¹

Ribbon Controller ComputerVoltageSource¹

PSIM and ComputerVoltageSource Analog/Digital Expansion module¹

PSIM Display module¹

I2C-TTS256-SpeakJet interface¹


Miscellaneous Modules and Designs

MOTM-890 µMixer and Frequency Mixer module²

Circle Machine¹

Hammond Vibrato Scanner²

Synthesizer Laser²

DJB Power-On Delay¹

DJB-007 Power panel¹

PT2395 delay module²  Reference info

XY Laser

Tektronix 760A Audio Stereo Monitor


Commercial Modules / PCBs / Instruments

These are some of the music instruments I've repaired or modified or own posted here for reference.

Analog Metropolis
    AM4075 Filter²

Analogue Systems
    RS-290 Sampler-Echo

    Aries Modules

Barton Musical Circuits
     Barton Dual Quantizer

Blacet Research
    StonZ Phaser²

    208 Card12 Replacement

100 and 200 Series Format
    5U Pulser-Crossfader-Timbre Generator²  (Aaron Lanterman PCB)
    5U Resonant Lopass Gate²  (Natural Rhythm Music PCB)
    25S Analog Waveform Generator (Roman Filippov PCB)
    102 Stereo Locator (DIY PCB)
    111 Ring Modulator (Fluxmonkey PCB)
    132 Waveform Synthesizer (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    140 Timing Generator (DIY PCB)
    144 Dual Square Wave Generator (DIY PCB)
    155 Dual Integrator (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    158 Dual Sine-Sawtooth Generator (Great Lakes Music PCB)
    204 Quad Spatial Director (Roman Filippov PCB)
    205 Dual Matrix Mixer (Roman Filippov PCB)
    207 Mixer/Preamp (Roman Filippov PCB)
    208 Stored Program Sound Source  i.e. Music Easel  (Original 1973/1974 early version)
    208 Stored Program Sound Source  i.e. Music Easel  (Roman Filippov V1 PCB)
    208 Stored Program Sound Source  i.e. Music Easel  (Roman Filippov V2 PCB)
    208 Stored Program Sound Source  i.e. Music Easel  (Roman Filippov V2.1 PCB)
         208 Dual Envelope Generator  (Aaron Lanterman PCB)
         208 Card 12 Replacement (Boops PCB)
         208 PerfBOB (Portabellabz PCB)
         208 VCS3 Card (Portabellabz PCB)
    211 Power Supply (Roman Filippov)
    212 Dodeca  (Roman Filippov PCB and SAModular PCB)
    216 Touch Controlled Voltage Source (Roman Filippov PCB)
    218 Touch Activated Voltage Source (Roman Filippov PCB)
    221 Kinesthetic Input Port  (vintage)
    227 System Interface  (Roman Filippov PCB)
    230 Triple Envelope Follower (Roman Filippov PCB)
    230 Triple Envelope Follower (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    232 Frequency Detector (vintage, and M.E.M.S. PCB  New
    242 Programmable Pulser (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    244 CV Toolbox (Roman Filippov PCB)
    245 Sequential Voltage Source (Roman Filippov PCB)
    246 Sequential Voltage Source (Roman Filippov PCB)
    248 Multiple Arbitrary Functiion Generator (Roman Filippov PCB)
    248 V2 Hardware and Software Modifications
    256 Dual Control Voltage Processor (Roman Filippov PCB)
    257 Control Voltage Processor  (Roman Filippov PCB)
    258 Dual Oscillator (Roman Filippov PCB)
    258C Dual Oscillator (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    259 Complex Wave Generator²  (Roman Filippov PCB)
    259 Complex Wave Generator (M.E.M.S. PCB)
259C Complex Wave Generator (Vedic Scapes)
    264 Quad Sample & Hold (M.E.M.S. PCB)
265 Source Of Uncertainty (Roman Filippov PCB)
   266 Source Of Uncertainty²  (Roman Filippov PCB)
    266 Source Of Uncertainty²  (5U format Roman Filippov PCB)
    275 Dual Equalizer/Reverb (Roman Filippov PCB)
    275 Dual Equalizer/Reverb (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    277 Signal Delay Unit (Roman Filippov PCB)
    277 Signal Delay Unit (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    277 BLM 277 Signal Delay Unit (Blomman PCB)
    281 Quad Function Generator (Roman Filippov PCB)
    284 Quad Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator (Roman Filippov PCB) 
    285 Frequency Shifter (1977 vintage 1977)
    285 Frequency Shifter (Roman Filippov Spin FV-1 PCB)
    285 Frequency Shifter (Roman Filippov V2 PCB
    285 Frequency Shifter (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    288 Time Domain Processor (Verbos & Associates)
    289 Dual Defect Processor (Roman Filippov PCB)
    291 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter (Roman Filippov PCB)
    291 Dual Voltage Controlled Filter (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    292B Quad Low Pass Gate (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    292C Quad Low Pass Gate (Roman Filippov PCB)
    294 Four Channel Comb Filter (Roman Filippov PCB)
   296 Programmable Spectral Processor  (Roman Filippov PCB)
    296 Programmable Spectral Processor (M.E.M.S. PCB)
    402 Quad Dual LFO (unknown origin)
    24 dB VCF and Clock (MFOS and DIY PCB)
    Blacet Time Machine (Vedic Scapes)
    RS Kobol Dual VCO (France origin)
    Syntron Syrinx Filter Set Model 323
    Toppobrillo Mini-Bus and Xtndr
    Quad Low Frequency Modulator (Vedic Scapes)

CatGirl Synth
    Bi-N-Tic Filter²
    Steiner VCF²

Electronic Dream Plant
     WASP Synthesizer

Flight Of Harmony
     Plague Bearer

    mh21 Triple Resonator

Grant Richter
    Wogglebug²  ( Jan Czmok PCB)

Ian Fritz
    DoubleDeka VCO²  (Bridechamber PCB)
    Teezer Thru-Zero FM VCO²  (Bridechamber PCB)
    Threeler 3rd Order VCF²  (Bridechamber PCB)
    Chaotica (SynthCube PCB)

Jürgen Haible
    Frequency Shifter²
Living VCOs²
Polymoog® Resonator²
    Scanner Chorus/Vibrato
    Variable Slope Filter/Phaser²
    "Solina" Triple Chorus

Rob Hordijk

     450 Delay Line / Flanger

     Milton Sequencer module

     Moog Modular
     Moog Modular Reissue  New
     Sonic Six

Moon Modular
    M569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source

Muffwiggler/Rob Hordijk
    5U Benjolin Module

Neil Johnson
    3 Pole State Variable Filter
    Voltage Controlled LFO Filter²

Oakley Sound Systems
    OMS-410 VCF Companion
    OMS-820 Lag Companion
    Envelope Follower and Gate

    Synthesizer Expansion Module (SEM)
    Mini-Sequencer (MU repackage)

     2720/R Synthesizer
    4700 Synthesizer Modules

Papareil Labs

    perfBOB 208 Card
    VCS3 208 Card

     140 Dual ADSR / LFO
    CSQ-100 Computer Controlled Sequencer  New

Sequential Circuits Inc
     Model 700 Programmer
     Model 800 Sequencer

     Three box Serge Modular
     Serge System
     Frac-format Wilson Analog Delay
    Dotcom modules

Synthesis Technology
    E340 Cloud Generator DIY
    E350 Morphing Terrarium DIY
    E560 Deflector Shield DIY
    E580 Sampling Mini-Delay DIY
    E950 Circuit Bent VCO
    MOTM modules²

     Synton 3000 Series Modules

Thomas Henry
     Mega Percussive Synthesizer (Electro-Music PCB
    TH-101 “Sheboygan” 566-based VCO² (Magic Smoke Electronics PCB)
TH-201 "Mankato" VCF / VCO (Magic Smoke Electronics PCB)
    TH-301 "Cucamonga" VC-LFO² (Magic Smoke Electronics PCB)
    SN-Voice  (Personal PCB)
    Maximus VCO (Personal PCB)

Vladimir Kuzmin
     Polivoks VCF²
     Fixed Filter Bank²
     Mini-Moog VCF