I have 10MU of Dotcom-format modules in my side cabinet that consist of a Moon Modular M569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source and a Q109 Envelope Generator, and a Q115 Reverb.  Since this photo was taken I have also added a custom M569 Companion module.


My M569 Companion module provides a Moog-like start and stop function, external clock, brings out some of the M569 control signals to jacks, and has disable switches for transpose for rows 3 and 4.  More details are on my M569 Companion module page.


I mounted the Q115 reverb tank vertically on the cabinet side to minimize the coupling from the nearby power transformer.  This orientation significantly minimized hum.



I use a MOTM-990 power distribution board and build MOTM-to-Dotcom power cable.  Both the M569 and Q115 are +/- 15 volt modules that use the 4 pin MOTM connector.  The Q109 uses the 6 pin MOTM connector for the additional +5 volts.



I've made these on occasion for a Dotcom to MOTM adapter. The Dotcom male pin header is a Mouser 571-3-647000-6.