Buchla Pulser - Crossfader - Timbre Module

I built the Aaron Lanterman adaptation of the Buchla Music Easel Pulser and the Crossfader & Timbre Generator.  I decided to combine the PCBs into a single 2U module.  I have individual web pages for each PCB that details my build and modification information, parts lists, photos, and scope images while this page details the 2U module construction.

Buchla Pulser PCB  New

Buchla Timbre & Crossfader PCB  New

Module power consumption measurement: +15 @ 55 mA -15 @ 39 mA




I made a bracket to mount both PCBs with a notch to clear the Timbre CV jack.  


I made a daisy-chained power cable to connect to both PCBs.  This photo shows the finished assembly.  You can see the 10 uF NP capacitor on the Timbre out jack (partially obscured by the power cable) and the attenuation resistors on the two Pulser outputs (lower right).




This panel design combines the Pulser and the Timbre Generator and Crossfader in a 2U module using standard MOTM knobs and spacing.

2U Pulser-Crossfader-Timbre FrontPanelExpress design file