Buchla Format 24 dB VCF 
and Clock Module

I had a small Buchla boat consisting of a 266 Source of Uncertainty, 257 Dual Voltage Processor, and a 258 Dual Oscillator.  I had space for one more module but need several functions to make this small system usable.  I want a clock source for the Source of Uncertainty, a mixer for the Dual Oscillator, and a low pass resonant filter so I decided to make a module with all three functions.  I chose the MFOS 24 dB VCF for its size and added some additional circuitry for a 0.1 to 10 Hz 10V clock.

I designed the panel similar to the 258 using print graphics on anodized aluminum from FrontPanelExpress.



The finished panel has a traditional Buchla appearance.


The module matches my other Buchla panels nicely.


The MFOS PCB fits nicely on the rear and I made a small daughter board for the 10V unipolar clock.