Synthesizer Laser

I've always liked XY audio oscilloscope displays so I decided to build an XY laser using a Midwest Laser scanner (this appears to replace the scanner I bought).  My first images were using my MOTM E350 Morphing Terrarium which generates some pretty nice patterns.


I built the XY laser on a wood base with a power supply for the XY drivers and a power supply for the laser and fan.  The drivers get reasonably hot so I force air cool them.  The drivers operates with +/-5V signals so it is ideally suited for my synthesizer levels.  


Laser alignment is critical so I allow adjustment in both height and rotation.


Here is a video of the laser being driven by the MOTM E350 Morphing Terrarium.  Note that in this video I am frequency modulating the Morphing Terrarium so it sounds more dynamic but the frequency does not affect the display, only the morph inputs do.  Half way through the video I switch to a different bank.


This is another patch with the E350 Morphing Terrarium in Phase Mode.  Note that in this video I am not modulating the frequency.