Moog 962 Sequential Switch

The 962 Sequential Switch operates as an audio 2:1 or 3:1 multiplexer.  3:1 operation is enabled when a plug is inserted into input 3.  The inputs are selected either by the channel pushbutton or a V-Trig input.  V-Trig outputs are true when that channel is selected.  A V-Trig signal into the Shift input will select the next channel.  The Sequential Switch can be used to sequentially switch the three outputs of the 960 Sequential Controller for a 1x24 configuration.

The Sequential Switch was designed for switching control voltages which are positive only and not audio signals which are bipolar.  A bipolar signal can be switched as long as the amplitude is below 2V pk-pk.  Above that it clips on the negative portion. 

The 962 Sequential Switch is a 1 MU wide module.


The date code on the label is nearly impossible to read.  Two of the IC date codes are 1968 and two are 1969.  Moog did not give modules serial numbers until 1967 and started at serial 1001 so this is the 43rd 962 produced after assigning serial numbers.


A bit of Photoshop enhancement makes the date more readable as July 18, 1969.


The PCB is single-sided copper with no plating, solder mask, or silk screen.  The circuitry uses MC700 series RTL logic.