Moog Restoration

I have restored two complete Moog Modular synthesizers and a handful of individual Moog modules. There is not a lot of photos of Moogs so I am documenting the systems and modules in these pages.  Information on individual modules are documented as first worked on, whether individual modules or in one of the Modulars.  I did not repeat photos of previously documented modules so you might have to look through several pages to find a particular module.

Three cabinet Moog Modular restoration

Moog Modular System 55 restoration

901B Oscillator (revised 91-079 PCB)

CP3 Mixer

Headphone Monitor  New


Unknown Prototype VCO

Coordinated Electronic Music Studio (CEMS)

Don Martin Moog Music Inc.


I adapted some original Moog Modules to operate in a Dotcom cabinet.  Here are details of the power adapter and cabling.

Dotcom cabinet adapter for Moog


Here are some labels from modules built for internal test at the factory.



These links take you directly to the individual pages

901 Oscillator

901A Oscillator Controller

901B Oscillator

901B Oscillator (later version)

902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier

902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (later version)

903A Random Signal Generator

904A Low Pass Filter

904A Low Pass Filter (later version)

904B High Pass Filter

904B High Pass Filter (later version)

904C Filter Coupler

905 Reverberation Unit

907 Fixed Filter Bank

911 Envelope Generator

911 Envelope Generator (later version)

911A Dual Trigger Delay

911A Dual Trigger Delay (later version)

912 Envelope Follower

914 Fixed Filter Bank

921 Oscillator

921A Oscillator Controller

921B Oscillator

930 Power Supply

951 Keyboard

959 XY Controller

960 Sequential Controller

961 Sequencer Interface

961CP Sequencer Interface (console panel version)

962 Sequential Switch

984 Four Channel Mixer

992 Control Voltages

993 Trigger and Envelope Voltages

994 Multiples

995 Attenuators


CEMS Clock

CEMS Mixer CP3

CEMS Sequencer Utility (aka 963)

CEMS Triggered Controller (aka 1 Step Sequencer)


CEMS VC Mixer 1969

Console Panels (3 cabinet)

Console Panels (System 55)

Console Panel 3 Mixer

Headphone Monitor


Unknown Prototype VCO