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5U E340 Cloud Generator

For my 100th module I built a 5U format E340 Cloud Generator as discussed in the E340 panels and the E340/E350 DIY kits forums.  The E340 PCB format is identical to the E350 so I used an identical construction technique.  The panel is nearly identical with a single toggle switch and E340 legends.  I added 3 additional CV attenuators and mounted all controls, switches, and jacks on the front panel.  I used single inline headers to sandwich the PCBs together so they can be removed for service or additional modifications.  I used MTA connectors for all front panel controls.  You can see the construction details on my E350 page or click on any of the thumbnails below.

PCB Headers PCB Bracket PCB Mounting Bracket Top View Bracket Rear View



The controls and switches wire to the top PCB as follow:

Control Function
VR1 Coarse
VR2 Fine
VR4 Spread
VR5 Chaos
VR6 Chaos BW
SW2 (up) Density 8
SW2 (down) Density 2



There are a lot of front panel wires on this module.  Using a separate 3 pin MTA connector for each control, jack, and switch simplifies the wiring task.




5U Panel Design

I chose to match the layout of my E350 design which incorporates three additional CV attenuators using small knobs on standard MOTM row spacing.  I swapped the Spread and Saw jacks so the order would be the same for the controls, CV attenuators, and jacks.

DJB-E340 FrontPanelExpress design file