Maximus VCO Module

I was sent a personal PCB for the Thomas Henry Maximus VCO.


The board is very compact and easy to build.  I will not use all the features although I populated all the MTA connectors.  This photo was taken before the PWM modifications.


The panel is very tight and so the control on the rear are spaced closely together.  This was a very difficult panel to wire and I had to do it in sequence.

The PWM control did affect the frequency as has been noted in various forums.  I changed the 10R power series resistors to ferrite beads and added a -5V regulator which stabilized the frequency when changing the pulse width.


I built this module as a compact 1U panel.  I omitted a number of features but kept all four waveshapes and the pulse sub-octave features.  This 1U MOTM-style panel design uses both mini and micro knobs.  The VCO has a wide range so I added a range switch for more control.  The Hi range is 10 Hz- 14 KHz and the Lo range is 0.5 Hz to 50 Hz.

DJB Maximus VCO FrontPanelExpress design (HPGL)