Oakley Sound Systems
Equinoxe Module

I built an Equinoxe voltage controlled phaser with a Stooge panel.  I really liked this module and was able to buy an issue2 PCB from the estate of Larry Hendry and a spare Stooge panel from Richard Brewster to build a second module.  I have both an Issue-1 and Issue2 PCB.  The Issue-2 PCB improves the LED operation and reduced the PCB height.



Issue-1 PCB

I modified the module to invert the LFO Out.  The non-inverted LFO stays normalled to the CV In jack.  This enables me to patch the LFO Out from one Equinoxe to the CV In of the other Equinoxe and drive it on the opposite LFO phase.

Issue-1 Modification Notes:

  1. Trimmed the top edge of the PCB so it would have 0.5" clearance for the mounting rails.

  2. Added an inverter for LFO Out.  Changed R7 to 100K and used it as the input resistor to a TL072 mounted on top of U1.

  3. Added the Issue-2 LED current driver for better operation with no "off" zone.

  4. Changed R38 from 7K5 to 3K74 to provide unity gain thru the module.


Here is a close-up of the added op-amp.



Issue-2 PCB

Issue-2 Modification Notes:

  1. Changed U1D from a voltage follower to an inverter for LFO Out (resistors on rear of PCB).

  2. Changed R37 from 7K5 to 3K74 to provide unity gain thru the module.