Buchla 248 MARF
Multiple Arbitrary Function Module

I was sent a a Buchla 248 MARF for repair and photographed it for this page.  The module has been upgraded with a microprocessor and is quite complex.  It has a lot of new enhancements and some really nice features.


This particular MARF had several open runs that I bridged with the small blue wires.  Once repaired it calibrated and works great.


TheV1.0 PCBs have several SMT resistor and capacitor parts to be added on the front and several changes to be made on the rear.  The silk screen is difficult to read and I have helped several people repair their MARFs when they changed the wrong parts.  These two reference diagrams highlight in color the required component to add or change.  Note I do not own a MARF and have not built one so these diagrams are unverified.  Please contact me if you verify them with your build.

MARF V1.0 front component changes  unverified

MARF V1.0 rear component changes  unverified