Control Module

This is a combination module with three distinct functions.  First it is an illuminated AC power switch that controls all my main cabinets.  This module is used in conjunction with the DJB-007 module for AC mains.  The DJB-007 module mounts on the rear of all my cabinets.

Then second function is a stereo headphone amplifier.

The third function is a cable tester.  It checks for opens and shorts within a small resistance range using a LM3914 dot/bar display driver.


DJB-006 FrontPanelExpress design file

DJB-006 schematic


I designed a slightly modified DJB-006A Control panel for my 10U cabinet with a Blacet PS-500 power supply.  The 006A panel has a lighted power switch and an IEC mains input connector with fuse.


DJB-006A FrontPanelExpress design file


I designed a slightly modified DJB-006B and DJB-006C Control panel for my side cabinets.  The 006C panel has a lighted power switch while the 006B panel adds a ground banana jack for my static wrist strap.