DJB-Rack Cabinets

I've learned that you can never have enough cabinet space.  I started with a modest cabinet design and quickly outgrew it.  I expanded it and outgrew it.  I eliminated this rack cabinet and replaced it with a set of horizontal wood cabinets.

My first cabinet was a 19" rack cabinet that would hold 20U of modules.  It is made from pine and covered in toneau material.  The MOTM-900 power supply mounts on the rear with an illuminated main switch on the front panel.  It is 12U high so there is 2U of rack space at the bottom for other music gear.  It's hard to imagine now that at one time I thought I could fit all my modules in this cabinet!



Detailed drawing of the 19" rack cabinet

I use this cabinet when I need a portable synth.  I loaded the cabinet with my 8 channel CVS, 4 channel CVS, Blacet Time Machine, Living VCO, Varislope Filter, Frequency Shifter, 566 VCO, and a Multiple for the PDX Synth Gathering.  Total current was 711 mA of +15 volts (90% of capacity) and 450 mA of -15 volts (56% of capacity).  After one hour the case temperature of the pass transistor was only a 17 C rise over ambient.



Cabinet Expansion

I needed more room so added a 10U expansion cabinet on top powered from the main MOTM-900 power supply through an external cable .  I later added a separate Blacet PS500 power supply and a front panel power control.  Now I have room for 29U of modules!



I quickly outgrew this cabinet and built a set of horizontal wood cabinets.