Modular Synthesizer

My module designs are indicated with a superscript¹

Modules with substantial modifications are indicated with a superscript²

All of the modules were DIY or kits except the Encore, Moon Modular,, and the MOTM-650 and 730.


Module Information and Sounds
Information and pictures of my custom modules¹
Information, mods, & pictures of my purchased modules²
MP3 samples of some of my favorite patches¹
Main Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

1. Oakley OMS-820 Lag Companion
2. MOTM-820 Lag Processor
3. E580 Sampling Mini-Delay²
4. MOTM-510 Wavewarper

Jürgen Haible Scanner Chorus/Vibrato

6. MOTM-700 VC Router
7. E560 Deflector Shield2
8. MOTM-120 Sub-Octave Multiplexer
9. Jürgen Haible Frequency Shifter
10. MOTM-390 µLFO
11. Blacet Research StonZ VC Phaser²
12. Oakley EFG Envelope Follower and Gate
13. Neil Johnson VC-LFO²
14. Tape Interface Channel 1¹(analog delay and echo)
15. Tape Interface Channel 2¹ (analog delay and echo)
16. Power Module¹  (located on rear)

Main Cabinet Row 3 (left to right)

17. Blacet Research MiniWave with VC ROM Expansion
18. Magic Smoke Electronics TH-201 "Mankato" VCF / VCO
19. Analog Metropolis AM4075 ARP Filter²
20. CGS Bi-N-Tic VC Filter with VCO sub-octave outputs²
21. Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synthesizer
22. Ian Fritz / Bridechamber thru-zero VCO²
23. Polivoks VCF²  New
24. MOTM-830 Mixer
25. Blacet Research TimeMachine
26. Multiple¹
27. MOTM-190 µVCA
28. MOTM-190 µVCA
29. MOTM-650 MIDI-CV Converter
30. Roland SC-7 Sound Canvas²
32. Ribbon Interface¹
33. Power Module¹  (located on rear)
Main Cabinet Row 2 (left to right)


MOTM-300 Ultra VCO


MOTM-300 Ultra VCO


37. MOTM-310 µVCO
38. MOTM-300 Ultra VCO
39. Multiple¹
40. Oakley OMS-410 VCF Companion
41. MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter
42. MOTM-420 VC Filter
43. MOTM-440 OTA LP VC Filter
44. MOTM-480 CS-80 VC Filter²
45. MOTM-485 GX-1 VC Filter
46. MOTM-490 µVC Filter
47. Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank²
48. Mixer / Spring Reverb / A440 Standard¹
49. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Main Cabinet Row 1 - bottom (left to right)


Larry Hendry JLH-822 VC Shift


VC Keyboard Interface¹


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator




Dual Trigger Delay¹


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator² (modified for delayed trigger)


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator² (modified for delayed trigger)


Dual Voltage Monitor¹


MOTM-850 Pedal Interface


Mixer / Comparator / Full Wave Rectifier²


Triple Attenuator¹


MOTM-700 VC Router


MOTM-101 Noise / Sample and Hold²
64. MOTM-320 VC LFO




Oakley Equinoxe VC Phaser²


Oakley Equinoxe VC Phaser²
68. VCA / Power Amp Interface²


Power Control / Cable Test / Headphone Amp¹
70. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Left Side Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

71. Blacet Research TimeMachine
72. Wogglebug
73. Buchla/Natural Rhythm Music Resonant Lopass Gate
74. Encore Universal Event Generator
75. Encore Universal Event Generator
76. Jürgen Haible Variable Slope Filter / Phaser²
Left Side Cabinet Row 3 (left to right)
77. ComputerVoltageSource w/ CV & Offset Controls,  MIDI,  LCD¹
78. 4 channel ComputerVoltageSource w/ CV & Offset Controls,  MIDI,  LCD¹
79. Level Shift¹
80. Oakley Multimix with -10 dB / 10V inputs²
81. E350 Morphing Terrarium2
82. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Left Side Cabinet Row 2  (left to right)

83. M569 Companion


Moon Modular M569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
85. Q109 Envelope Generator
2MU blank
86. Q115 Reverb


Left Side Cabinet Row 1 - bottom (left to right)

87. Jürgen Haible Living VCO²
88. Magic Smoke Electronics TH-101 “Sheboygan” 566-based VCO
89. Ian Fritz Threeler 3rd order VCF2
90 E340 Cloud Generator2
91. CV Joystick¹
92. LCD Oscilloscope
93. Power Control2
94. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Right Side Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

95. Analogic¹  (analog Or, And, Invert)
96. MOTM-890 µMixer and Frequency Mixer²
97. Barton Dual Quantizer²
98. Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty²
99. DJB-021 Pan-Crossfade²
100. MOTM-890 µMixer with variable high gain²
101. Flight Of Harmony Plague Bearer2
102. Oakley OMS-201 WaveFolder
103. CGS-35 Steiner VCF²
Right Side Cabinet Row 3 - bottom (left to right)
104. PSIM w/ CV Controls, MIDI, SpeakJet²
(dedicated for Circle Machine control)
105. PSIM 2x8 LCD Display¹
106. Polymoog® Resonator²
107. Buchla Pulser - Crossfader - Timbre Generator2
108. DJB-020 Tap Tempo LFO¹
109. MOTM-730 Voltage Controlled Divider
110 Power Control2
111. Power Module¹  (located on rear)
Portable Cabinet (cabinet information)
I am out of main and wing cabinet space so I've started using my original portable cabinet for additional modules.
112. Magic Smoke Electronics TH-301 "Cucamonga" VC-LFO²
113. Ian Fritz DoubleDeka VCO²
114 MOTM-440 OTA LP VC Filter
115. 5U E950 Circuit Bent VCO
116. Jürgen Haible "solina" triple chorus
117. Neil Johnson 3 Pole State Variable Filter²
118. Original Dual Quantizer and Lag¹
119. 5U Benjolin
120. Power Control2
External Modules
Circle Machine¹
ARP 3604 CV Keyboard²
Synthesizer XY Laser¹

CGS ring modulator

Stereo attenuator

2x20 LCD display¹
External Equipment
Tektronix MSO4054 four channel oscilloscope
Kurzweil Expressionmate Ribbon
Alesis Hr-16 Drum Machine
Roland MT-32 Synthesizer
Carver PM-600 Power Amp
Roland VC-350 Vocoder
Otari MX-5050 Quad-Channel Tape Recorder
Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge
JBL L80T Speakers
JBL 4311 Speakers
Uncompleted Modules
Tape Interface Channel 3¹  (not yet built)
Tape Interface Channel 4¹  (not yet built)
DJB-Echo/Delay2  (abandoned)