Modular Synthesizer

I made a 3U logo panel with FrontPanelExpress' print option.


My module designs are indicated with a superscript¹

Modules with substantial modifications are indicated with a superscript²

All of the modules were DIY or kits except the Encore, Moon Modular,, and the MOTM-650 and 730.


Module Information and Sounds
Information and pictures of my custom modules¹
Information, mods, & pictures of my purchased modules²
MP3 samples of some of my favorite patches¹
Main Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

1. Oakley OMS-820 Lag Companion
2. MOTM-820 Lag Processor
3. E580 Sampling Mini-Delay²
4. MOTM-510 Wavewarper

Jürgen Haible Scanner Chorus/Vibrato

6. MOTM-700 VC Router
7. E560 Deflector Shield2
8. MOTM-120 Sub-Octave Multiplexer
9. Jürgen Haible Frequency Shifter
10. MOTM-390 µLFO
11. Blacet Research StonZ VC Phaser²
12. Oakley EFG Envelope Follower and Gate
13. Neil Johnson VC-LFO²
14. Tape Interface Channel 1¹(analog delay and echo)
15. Tape Interface Channel 2¹ (analog delay and echo)
16. Power Module¹  (located on rear)

Main Cabinet Row 3 (left to right)

17. Blacet Research MiniWave with VC ROM Expansion
18. Magic Smoke Electronics TH-201 "Mankato" VCF / VCO
19. Analog Metropolis AM4075 ARP Filter²
20. CGS Bi-N-Tic VC Filter with VCO sub-octave outputs²
21. Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synthesizer
22. Ian Fritz / Bridechamber thru-zero VCO²
23. Polivoks VCF²  New
24. MOTM-830 Mixer
25. Blacet Research TimeMachine
26. Multiple¹
27. MOTM-190 µVCA
28. MOTM-190 µVCA
29. MOTM-650 MIDI-CV Converter
30. Roland SC-7 Sound Canvas²
32. Ribbon Interface¹
33. Power Module¹  (located on rear)
Main Cabinet Row 2 (left to right)


MOTM-300 Ultra VCO


MOTM-300 Ultra VCO


37. MOTM-310 µVCO
38. MOTM-300 Ultra VCO
39. Multiple¹
40. Oakley OMS-410 VCF Companion
41. MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter
42. MOTM-420 VC Filter
43. MOTM-440 OTA LP VC Filter
44. MOTM-480 CS-80 VC Filter²
45. MOTM-485 GX-1 VC Filter
46. MOTM-490 µVC Filter
47. Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank²
48. Mixer / Spring Reverb / A440 Standard¹
49. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Main Cabinet Row 1 - bottom (left to right)


Larry Hendry JLH-822 VC Shift


VC Keyboard Interface¹


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator




Dual Trigger Delay¹


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator² (modified for delayed trigger)


MOTM-800 Envelope Generator² (modified for delayed trigger)


Dual Voltage Monitor¹


MOTM-850 Pedal Interface


Mixer / Comparator / Full Wave Rectifier²


Triple Attenuator¹


MOTM-700 VC Router


MOTM-101 Noise / Sample and Hold²
64. MOTM-320 VC LFO




Oakley Equinoxe VC Phaser²


Oakley Equinoxe VC Phaser²
68. VCA / Power Amp Interface²


Power Control / Cable Test / Headphone Amp¹
70. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Left Side Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

71. Blacet Research TimeMachine
72. Wogglebug
73. Buchla/Natural Rhythm Music Resonant Lopass Gate
74. Encore Universal Event Generator
75. Encore Universal Event Generator
76. Jürgen Haible Variable Slope Filter / Phaser²
Left Side Cabinet Row 3 (left to right)
77. ComputerVoltageSource w/ CV & Offset Controls,  MIDI,  LCD¹
78. 4 channel ComputerVoltageSource w/ CV & Offset Controls,  MIDI,  LCD¹
79. Level Shift¹
80. Oakley Multimix with -10 dB / 10V inputs²
81. E350 Morphing Terrarium2
82. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Left Side Cabinet Row 2  (left to right)

83. M569 Companion


Moon Modular M569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source
85. Q109 Envelope Generator
2MU blank
86. Q115 Reverb


Left Side Cabinet Row 1 - bottom (left to right)

87. Jürgen Haible Living VCO²
88. Magic Smoke Electronics TH-101 “Sheboygan” 566-based VCO
89. Ian Fritz Threeler 3rd order VCF2
90 E340 Cloud Generator2
91. CV Joystick¹
92. LCD Oscilloscope
93. Power Control2
94. Power Module¹ (located on rear)

Right Side Cabinet Row 4 - top (left to right)

95. Analogic¹  (analog Or, And, Invert)
96. MOTM-890 µMixer and Frequency Mixer²
97. Barton Dual Quantizer²
98. Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty²
99. DJB-021 Pan-Crossfade²
100. MOTM-890 µMixer with variable high gain²
101. Flight Of Harmony Plague Bearer2
102. Oakley OMS-201 WaveFolder
103. CGS-35 Steiner VCF²
Right Side Cabinet Row 3 - bottom (left to right)
104. PSIM w/ CV Controls, MIDI, SpeakJet²
(dedicated for Circle Machine control)
105. PSIM 2x8 LCD Display¹
106. Polymoog® Resonator²
107. Buchla Pulser - Crossfader - Timbre Generator2
108. DJB-020 Tap Tempo LFO¹
109. MOTM-730 Voltage Controlled Divider
110 Power Control2
111. Power Module¹  (located on rear)
Side Rack Cabinet
I am out of main and wing cabinet space so I've have expanded to my original rack cabinet which sits to the left. It provides another 29U of space.
External Modules
Circle Machine¹
ARP 3604 CV Keyboard²
Synthesizer XY Laser¹

CGS ring modulator

Stereo attenuator

2x20 LCD display¹
External Equipment
Tektronix MSO4054 four channel oscilloscope
Kurzweil Expressionmate Ribbon
Alesis Hr-16 Drum Machine
Roland MT-32 Synthesizer
Carver PM-600 Power Amp
Roland VC-350 Vocoder
Otari MX-5050 Quad-Channel Tape Recorder
Teac MB-20 Meter Bridge
JBL L80T Speakers
JBL 4311 Speakers
Uncompleted Modules
Tape Interface Channel 3¹  (not yet built)
Tape Interface Channel 4¹  (not yet built)
DJB-Echo/Delay2  (abandoned)